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While sorting through old magazines for our AD ART GALLERY, I ran across a most interesting old... old... magazine-like booklet minus cover and a few early pages.  It was called "Cutter's Guide to the Hot Springs of Arkansas".  Age had discolored many of the pages, whose edges were tattered and torn.  The more I searched through the find, the more I became intrigued with its contents.  Statistics for the City of Hot Springs were printed for 1888, and a railroad travel map was dated 1891, causing me to conclude the booklet was probably printed in the early 1890's.  The beautifully reproduced pictures from the era and the significant historical content were enough to convince me that it was well worth a "save effort"... so here it is for all to savor and enjoy as I did.  If you have ever been to this quaint city, you will appreciate every minute you spend in this pleasant walk back in time.

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All about Hot Springs, Arkansas and its mystic springs as viewed in the late 1800's
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How to Get There... and What Will it Cost
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 Travel to the Springs Cost to Stay at the Springs
Vital Statistics for Hot Springs for year ending December 31, 1888
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Pictures from the Past
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A Y Sanders, Residence Dr P H Ellsworth, Residence Dr E C Ellis, Residence G G Latta, Attorney, Residence

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Army Navy Hospital

Hot Springs Creek before improvement

Bath House Row

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Alhambra Bath House

The Almon

Arlington Hotel

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Avenue Hotel

Beldin House Bloomington Hotel

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Burlington Hotel

Hotel Eastman

Hotel Hay

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The Howard Hotel Josephine Park Hotel
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Sumpter House Taylor House United States Hotel
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Waverly Hotel Hotel Worrel
The Nearby Springs
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Potash Sulphur Springs Gilles's White Sulphur Springs Mountain Valley Springs
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