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, TN

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Centerville Municipal Airport (144)
wpe73.jpg (7180 bytes) wpe37.jpg (5683 bytes) 2650 Airport Rd
Centerville, TN
Airport opened in 1950's
Longest Runway: 4,000 Ft.
Runway Lights: Yes
Radio Communications: Unicom


Brushy Store (42) wpe82.jpg (2642 bytes)
Charles Pendergrass Memorial Amphitheater (97)
Out door gospel singings held in summer months
wpe83.jpg (2760 bytes)
Creek (19) wpe84.jpg (5028 bytes)
Duck River (183)
"Intersection"... of old and new
wpe85.jpg (4686 bytes)
Hickman Falls
Located on Hickman Springs Road near Centerville
Just off Highway 100 near the Duck River
wpe3D.jpg (5561 bytes)
Downtown Little Lot (130) wpe8A.jpg (4906 bytes)
Old Grist Water Mill Located on Leather Creek
Parts of mill remain in log cabin
Cabin built by Brooks family in 1799
Present location of a spring water marketing operation
Old Store Building (10) wpe8B.jpg (3239 bytes)
Swimmin’ Hole (115) wpe42.jpg (26195 bytes)
Turney Center (85)
A prison managed by the Tennessee Department of Corrections
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U S Highways: State Highways:
I-40 46, 48, 50, 100, 229, 230


All of the area was a part of Tennessee County before it became a state. The State of Tennessee formed 1796
The area was divided into Robertson and Montgomery Counties
Dickson County created out of Montgomery County
Hickman County created out of southern part of Dickson County, 1807
Treaties signed by Indians 1805-’06
County established 1807
First county seat was Vernon, named after George Washington's home
Centerville is now county seat
Lands north of the Duck River settled by whites
South of Duck River not opened until Indian treaty of 1818
First county seat was Vernon
Named after George Washington's home
Centerville is now county seat
First bridge built across Duck River 1878
German tank captured in World War I brought in county mid twenty’s
Was used to pull graders and other road equipment
Railroad depots existed 1940 in:Bon Aqua, Lyles, Graham, Nunnelly, Goodrich, Twomey, Atena
First car in county was ordered from Sears Roebuck, 1910
The first Hickman County school bus was a Model T Ford, 1924
Its route was between Beverdam and Coble
The first bus traveled between Centerville and Nashville, 1931
First County Seat Historic Sign (83)

wpe90.jpg (9436 bytes)

Hickman County’s first courthouse erected 300 yards from sign
Centerville became county seat, 1821
Court house moved to Centerville
Coble Pottery Historic Sign (15)

wpe8F.jpg (9718 bytes)

Established by Adam Coble in 1823
Located five miles south on Sulphur Creek
Closed because of Civil War, 1861

wpe97.jpg (8058 bytes)

Called Natchez Road in early 1800’s
Was 500 miles long
Connected Nashville on the Cumberland River
With Natchez on the Mississippi River
Much of the information contained in this section taken from "A Patchwork History of Hickman County", Edited by Dana Dye
Some pictures can be found in the Hickman County information section

wpe74.jpg (4365 bytes)

Located on Hwy 48
In southern portion of county near Lewis county line
Spring-fed Piney Creek runs through town
Was settled after Indian treaty of 1818
Iron furnaces of mid to late 1800’s caused boom time for town
Depression of 1893 idled furnaces
Iron furnaces shut down by 1911

Pioneer families included:

Milam, Murray, Wade, Kimmin,
Hick, Morrison, Hinson, Walker, Berrymand, McClaren

Anderson Bend

Named after a pioneer family of Andersons
Colonel Shinn of North Carolina fought in Revolutionary War
Was given 2500 acres of land in Tennessee
Robert Anderson born in Buncombe County, NC in 1774
Inherited land from Colonel Shinn
Built home on what is now Hwy 50 in 1805
Home of hewed yellow poplar logs still stands
First post office named Bluff Point
Established first post office, 1855
Isaac Perry became first Post Master
Pioneer families included: McCaleb, Bates, Miller, Yhoung, Smith, Hunt, Baker, Walker, Hooten, Tucker, George, Prince, Stephenson, James, Bingham, Regeon, Henn, and Mobley

Bear Creek

Located on south side of Duck River
Between Dean’s Switch and Beaverdam Road
William Shipp killed two bears and injured a third in Shipp’s Bend
Name of area taken from event


Named after a large beaver dam found on creek by early settlers
Area settled first in 1820’s
The Old Aetna Iron Furnace operated in area
A distillery was located on creek near iron furnace

Pioneer families included:

Wade, Peeler, Milam, Murray, MCLaren, McCollum, Kimmin, Berryman, Tinsley, Morrison, Warren, and Patton

Beaverdam Springs

James Arnold settled at springs in 1823
A group of Columbia, TN businessmen purchased land
Established the Beaverdam Springs Resort
The mineral springs became famous for their medicinal qualities
Square dances held each Saturday night
Land sold to the Presbyterian Church for a camp

Pioneer families included:

Arnold, Jones, Frierson, Wooten, Henley, Rainey


First black high school in county opened 1925
Named Ali Vista View
Was small two-room building built by the Porter brothers
Building town down and another erected 1929
School became a four-year high school 1940
Building burned 1955
Existing school building erected by county

Blue Buck Creek

Named by a hunter who killed a male deer drinking at creek
The Swan Creek Phosphate Company opened plant about 1908
A nearby post office called Melba served community
Two churches located in community
Union Church Rawley's Chapel Church
Used by both Baptists and Methodists Built by the Methodists
Spelling later changed to Raleigh's
Church burned March 16, 1976

Early Settlers Included:

John Williams, Robert Willey, Charles and William Wheat, Jared Cotton, Issac Farris, Peter Searcy, Joseph Bond,
William Watts,l Jack Devore, Alton McCaleb, John Skipper, George Perry, and Spencer Tinsley

Blue Water

Named after a stream called "Blue Water"
Sam Lancaster settled on land at mouth of creek, 1830
Major McClaren built a mill on creek, 1829
An existing mill structure built by Lonnie Pascall early 1900's
Was operated by Bob Fre4nch and son in the 1950's
Blue Water School operated until early 1900's

Pioneer Families Include:

Elkins, French, Durham, Chandler, Sullivan, Lynch, and Taylor

Bon Aqua

William Locke Weems discovered Four mineral springs, 1837
Area bordered by Big Spring Creek
He named area Bon Aqua
The springs became a famous health spa
Resort initially consisted of 40 to 50 cottages
Hotel burned 1888
Was replaced by structure with 101 rooms
Thomas Edison once visited hotel
Resort closed in the 1920's

wpe76.jpg (3645 bytes)

Community lies along Brushy Fork Creek in southern part of county
Area settled early 1800's
Pioneer Families Included: Banks, Holt, Loveless, Hinson, Breece, and Wiggs

wpe77.jpg (2990 bytes)

Located 12 miles west of Centerville on Beaverdam Creek
Town of Whitfield was located across creek before Coble
Named for Coble family, one of early pioneers in county
Osco Shepard in early years operated stores in Coble
Shepard worked on bicycles and pulled teeth in his spare time
Thomas Edison came to Coble looking for cobalt deposits, 1906

wpe78.jpg (4549 bytes)

Located about three miles south of Centerville
Runs along both sides of Hwy 50 E for about three miles
City began when Hwy 50 was completed in 1951
Community had been known as the Househollow
Named after the Edgewood Baptist Church in

wpe7A.jpg (8445 bytes)

J R Sutton became a merchant and first postmaster around 1850
Farmers came from miles around to exchange produce with Sutton
Sutton named the area "Farmer's Exchange"
Timbering became a major industry in early 1900's

wpe49.jpg (9406 bytes)

Robert Griner, Sr settled in area 1807
Griner moved to Natchez Trace in Lewis County
He established an inn called "Griners Stand"
An American explorer, Meriwether Lewis died at inn
Andrew Johnson had a country store in area
Area became known as hometown of Minnie Pearl
She grew up across the river in Centerville
The town is being developed into a living museum to Minnie
Leatherwood Community wpe92.jpg (2691 bytes)
Historic Sign (65)
Community connected by:
Natchez Trace
Old Chickasaw Trace
The Continental Line of 1784
Early site of:
Hanes Sawmill
Boehms Gristmill
Stagecoach Inn
Smith Cotton Gin
Cayce Blacksmith Shop
Jones Store
Boehms Store
Jones Valley School
The Christian Church
Methodist Church
Brooks, Davie, Hohnson & other grain mills

wpe49.jpg (4419 bytes)

Early settlers were mostly pioneers from Maryland
Hugh McCabe settled on Little Lot lands in 1810
McCabe donated one quarter of an acre of land for church and school
Parker Tyler said of the donated land and naming the town
"It's such a damn little lot, we can't give it a big name"
The town was then appropriately named Little Lot
First general store built by Ferdinand B Russell, 1853
Town was scene of many skirmished during Civil War
A devastating tornado hit town killing two in 1902

wpe7D.jpg (4219 bytes)

Established as a mining town, 1882
Named after the Nunnelly Ore Mines
Mines named after owner, Lawson H Nunnelly
Nunnelly came to county from North Carolina, 1810
Charcoal produced in Nunnelly used to fire furnace near Bucksnort

Lee & Gould Furnace (3)
wpe91.jpg (2706 bytes)

Located near the Bucksnort Exit off I-40
Built by Lee and Gould, 1830

wpe7C.jpg (2939 bytes)

Village had its beginnings in early 1800's
Was originally named Dreamer
Tom Sutton was one of the early store merchants
When asked price, Tom would reply "only five cents", or "only a dollar"
Customers would refer to the store as the "Only" store
Postmaster Allen Hunt Brown officially changed town name to Only

wpe7E.jpg (7262 bytes)

Located in southern section of county on Hwy 100
William Bradley Cook was first merchant and post master
A large sawmill operated in community, 1890
Pleasant Whitwell taught school and preached in town, 1820
The first marriage between Aaron Edwards and Nancy Moody in 1817

wpe7F.jpg (4282 bytes)

Located on Dunlop Creek, about a mile from the Duck River
Henry Nichols named the town in 1840's
He noted the area was surrounded by a shady grove of trees
Town has two churches- Methodist and Church of Christ
Duck River Post Office located here


First National Bank Established by Horatio Clagett in February 1885
Security Bank & Trust Organized by Thomas M Huddleston in the 1930’s
Iron Furnaces

First industry in county was iron industry
A forge built on Mill Creek by Hardin Perkins, 1814
Was sold to Montgomery Bell, 1825
Other early furnaces:
Old Furnace on Sugar Creek
Goodrich Furnace on Birds Creek
Gould Furnace on Sugar Creek still stands
Aetna Furnace


First mill for grinding corn established on Mill Creek, 1809
The first horse powered mill built on Sugar Creek, 1809
A mill was erected on Piney River near Dodd Hollow, 1835
First cotton gin erected on Duck River 1811
First powder mill built on Mill Creek about 1811


The last steamboat up Duck River to Centerville was in February 1878
It was named the Mary Clees

Beaver Dam Springs
h22.jpg (41089 bytes)

A mineral spring
Hotel built at springs, 1832
NaCoMe Conference Center (22)
Presently controlled by Presbyterian Churches
Of Nashville, Columbia, and Memphis

Bon Aqua Springs

A mineral spring which became a health resort
15 hewn log cabins built at springs, 1839
Once site of the Bon Aqua Hotel
Area was a booming railroad town of the early 1900's
Hotel torn down in early 1940’s

Primm Springs

A former summer resort
Contained hotel, dance hall, bowling alley and many cottages
Has several kinds of mineral water
A development at spring started 1831
Operated by Miss Hugh Ella Estes and sister Fanny for many years

Bird Dog Foundation

505 Highway 57 E
Grand Junction


wpe93.jpg (5167 bytes)wpe95.jpg (2271 bytes)

Rocky Springs Trail A horse and hiking trail
Parallels the Parkway
Approximately 10 miles
From Regenton Rd (milepost 59.4) to Russell Rd (M/P 50.8)
Lonesome Pine Horse Trail A 15 mile horse trail
Located northeast of Jackson, MS
Access at Hwy 43 (milepost 144.9)
Tombigbee Horse Trail A figure eight horse trail either 9 or 15 miles
Located in the Tombigbee National Forest
Access to trail at the Witch Dance Picnic area (M/P 233.2)
Tupelo Horse Trail A 3.5 mile horse trail
Located northwest of Tupelo, MS
Access at Hwy 6 (milepost 259.7)
Garrison Creek Trail A 25 mile horse and hiking trail
Located near Leipers Fork Community (M/P 427.6)
Baker Bluff (135)
Located beside Natchez Trace Parkway
Near mile marker 407

wpe80.jpg (4032 bytes) wpe81.jpg (2391 bytes)
Jackson Falls (134)
Located beside Natchez Trace Parkway
Near mile marker 406
wpe87.jpg (2181 bytes) wpe86.jpg (4693 bytes) wpe88.jpg (11927 bytes)


  Home (6) Home (17) Home (60)   Home (64) Home (129)
wpe98.jpg (3194 bytes) wpe99.jpg (3518 bytes) wpe9A.jpg (3635 bytes) wpe9F.jpg (6143 bytes) wpeA8.jpg (3753 bytes)
Gordon House (136)
wpeA9.jpg (2749 bytes)wpeAA.jpg (2356 bytes) Located beside Natchez Trace Parkway
Near mile marker 408
Home built by John Gordon 1817-18
Wilderness road crossed Duck River near home
1802 John Gordon established a ferry and trading post at crossing
Gordon served as first Postmaster of Nashville
Home restored by Park Service 1978

Happy Valley Farm

Two story log house located in Little Lot, TN
Formerly the McGill House
Built around 1825
The Beals and Boehms were original owners
Now restored and privately owned


East Hickman Elementary School (104) East Hickman Middle School (103)
Home of the East Eagles
Old School Building (68) Old School Building (131)
h104.jpg (14283 bytes) wpe36.jpg (6858 bytes) wpe36.jpg (4542 bytes) wpe37.jpg (4629 bytes)


Aetna Opened: March 31, 1886 Closed: November 30, 1867
Arrow Opened: May 16, 1890 Closed: October 24, 1899
Bastinville Opened: December 28, 1866 Closed: May 8, 1873
Beale Opened: March 25, 1892 Closed: September 29, 1906
Beaver Dam Opened: September 9, 1899 Closed: February 10, 1900
Beaver Dam Springs Opened: September 23, 1842 Closed: October 21, 1856
Beckville Opened: May 26, 1896 Closed: January 5, 1897
Blaze Opened: November 16, 1886 Closed: December 22, 1886
Bluff Point Opened: March 4, 1858
January 11, 1867
Closed: September 22, 1866
September 14, 1907
Bluff Springs Opened: June 18, 1875 Closed: March 20, 1891
Bon Aqua wpe38.jpg (4022 bytes)
37025 zip code
Opened: March 5, 1842
January 26, 1870
Re-Opened: February 28, 1880
Closed: October 12, 1868
Re-Closed: August 28, 1872
Re-Closed: Operating
Brushy Opened: October 13, 1874
Re-Opened: November 12, 1875
Closed: October 19, 1873
November 24, 1886
Cantrell Opened: Juy 14, 1882 Closed: November 14, 1889
Centerville h159.jpg (6804 bytes) Opened: July 1, 1811 Closed: Operating
Coble Opened: April 14, 1899 Closed: January 15, 1943
Deenville Opened: March 9, 1887 Closed: September 1, 1887
Duck River Opened: December 28, 1846
Re-Opened: December 27, 1866
Re-Opened: May 19, 1911
Closed: July 25, 1866
December 22, 1895
Re-Closed: Operating
Duck River Furnace Opened: June 22, 1833 Closed: April 8, 1840
Duckriver Opened: December 22, 1894 Closed: May 19, 1911
Dunnington Opened: July 14, 1757
Re-Opened: December 11, 1866
Closed: July 25, 1866
Re-Closed: July 17, 1872
Farmers Exchange Opened: May 4, 1876 Closed: March 31, 1859
Fouda Opened: August 4, 1880 Closed: February 28, 1881
Galaville Opened: March 30, 1887 Closed: November 14, 1905
Goodrich Opened: July 7, 1884 Closed: May 31, 1933
Gordons Ferry Opened: October 8, 1814 Closed: August 9, 1823
Gordonsville Opened: August 9, 1823 Closed: ca.1825
Graham Opened: August 25, 1880 Closed: December 31, 1956
Gray Town Opened: September 28, 1878 Closed: April 30, 1902
Grove Opened: June 23, 1892 Closed: June 15, 1905
Hazelwood Opened: April 1, 1836 Closed: May 8, 1839
Ivy Opened: November 27, 1867 Closed: May 26, 1870
Ivy Mills Opened: November 4, 1870 Closed: December 1, 1888
Jason Opened: February 2, 1905 Closed: April 30, 1906
Johnson Mines Opened: May 22, 1891 Closed: June 4, 1895
Jones Valley Opened: April 22, 1875 Closed: July 31, 1903
Lewis Opened: May 15, 1833 Closed: August 21, 1833
Lick Creek Opened: May 1, 1834 Closed: January 15, 1906
Lily Swamp Opened: February 25, 1874 Closed: February 28, 1880
Little Lot Opened: February 10, 1868 Closed: December 3, 1895
Little Rock Mills Opened: September 17, 1878 Closed: October 31, 1911
Littlelot Opened: December 3, 1895 Closed: November 15, 1953
Luzon Opened: November 18, 1899 Closed: August 31, 1906
Lyles 101.jpg (4612 bytes) Opened: January 19, 1883 Closed: Operating
Melba Opened: May 19, 1908 Closed: March 15, 1909
Naomi Opened: May 12, 1881 Closed: May 15, 1905
Nunnelly wpe39.jpg (4998 bytes)
37137 zip code
Opened: March 17, 1884 Closed: Operating
Olinton Opened: August 6, 1883 Closed: May 2, 1898
Only Opened: March 20, 1882 Closed: Operating
Overby Opened: August 29, 1901 Closed: June 15, 1905
Palestine Opened: February 11, 1837 Closed: December 4, 1856
Pine Wood Opened: May 10, 1854 Closed: January 28, 1895
Pinewood Opened: January 28, 1895 Closed: April 15, 1926
Primm Opened: June 24, 1898 Closed: December 1, 1945
Primm Springs Opened: December 1, 1945 Closed: Operating
Rago Opened: May 24, 1894 Closed: December 29, 1894
Rosetta Opened: February 2, 1833 Closed: May 14, 1834
Spot Opened: October 15, 1901 Closed: January 31, 1918
Stephens Opened: December 19, 1887 Closed: November 30, 1888
Sun Rise Opened: February 25, 1874 Closed: December 3, 1883
Sunrise Opened: August 5, 1891 Closed: March 31, 1913
Swan Bluff Opened: March 16, 1874 Closed: March 31, 1914
Swan Creek Opened: June 3, 1835 Closed: February 11, 1837
Tatumville Opened: July 18, 1907 Closed: May 31, 1910
Tidwell Opened: November 19, 1895 Closed: January 19, 1904
Totty’s Opened: December 28, 1895 Closed: February 15, 1940
Totty’s Bend Opened: February 21, 1848
October 24, 1870
Closed: September 22, 1866
December 28, 1895
Twomey Opened: October 29, 1898
Reopened: October 6, 1919
Closed: September 29, 1906
Reclosed: June 29, 1929
Vernon Opened: September 8, 1813 Closed: May 31, 1856
Wadeville Opened: March 3, 1893 Closed: March 31, 1904
Warner Opened: February 28, 1881
January 29, 1883
Closed: January 19, 1883
Reclosed: June 15, 1905
Whitfield Opened: January 18, 1856
December 27, 1866
Reopened: September 30, 1870
Closed: September 22, 1866
Reclosed: July 9, 1868
Reclosed: May 15, 1905
Yum Opened: July 19, 1880 Closed: August 25, 1880

Shady Grove Post Office (59)
h59.jpg (3970 bytes)


Edwin Hickman County named for
Was a long hunter and explorer who opened up the Southwest Territory Surveyed area where Hwy 100 crosses the Duck River
Killed by Indians near present site of Centerville, 1791
William J Council Received a land grant from North Carolina for 12,000 acres
Located on both sides of Duck River
From Council’s Bend to Whitson’s Bend
James B Walker Born in Coble area June 25, 1857
Operated a store in Shady Grove
Served as President of First National Bank until 1940
Became pivitol figure in early development of Centerville
Elected first mayor of Centerville 1905
He established first police force 1909
Walker died December 4, 1940

Beth Slater Whitson
Historic Sign (80)

wpe96.jpg (10741 bytes)

Born in Goodrich 1879
Moved to Nashville, 1913
Writer of poems, stories, and songs
Wrote lyrics to over 400 songs
Famous songs:
"Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland"
"Let Me Call You Sweetheart"
Died 1930
Buried in Spring Hill Cemetery

Minnie Pearl

Born Sara Ophelia Colley in Centerville 1912
Attended Ward-Belmont College
Joined Grand Ole Opry in 1940
The town of Grinder’s Switch immortalized by Minnie
Died 1996


Cumberland Presbyterian Church Organized on Swan Creek, 1826
Became known as Camp Ground Church
Methodist Church Built a church at Jacob’s Pillow in Dodd Hollow, 1810
Built a log church in Centerville, 1828

Church of Christ

First church at Shady Grove about 1820
Held their last camp meeting at "The Stand", 1836
A building erected at "The Stand", 1840
Building erected at Little Rock on Mill Creek, 1848
Pinewood Church of Christ building erected about 1850
The Centerville Church of Christ organized 1873

Mormon Church

Established in Shady Grove about 1839
Was the first Mormon Church in Tennessee
It remained active until 1884
Anderson Bend Church of Christ (53)
Duck River, TN
Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ (124) Beverdam Cumberland Presbyterian Church (39) Beaverdam Springs Church of Christ (20)
Pleasantville, TN
h53.jpg (5546 bytes)Established 1886 h124.jpg (20660 bytes) h39.jpg (4456 bytes) h20.jpg (5748 bytes)
Building erected 1967
Bethel United Methodist Church (32)
Farmers Exchange
Pleasantville, TN
Bon Aqua Church of Christ (88)
Bon Aqua, TN
Bell tower erected in memory of Mrs Kattye Tippitt
Born 1896, Died 196
Bon Aqua First Baptist Church (86) Bon Aqua United Methodist Church (90)
Bon Aqua, TN
Founded 1891
h32.jpg (6188 bytes) h38.jpg (6682 bytes) h86.jpg (7295 bytes) h90.jpg (4875 bytes)
Church of God of Prophecy (120) Community Christian Fellowship Church (123)
Hwy 100
Pleasantville, TN
County Line Church of Christ (87)
Old Hwy 46
Bon Aqua, TN
Crossroads Baptist Church (36)
h120.jpg (29662 bytes) h123.jpg (11019 bytes) h87.jpg (4101 bytes) h36.jpg (5734 bytes)
Cumberland Presbyterian Church (47) Edge Wood Baptist Church (50) Fort Cooper Church of Christ (69)
Primm Springs, TN
Jones Valley Church of Christ (66)
Duck River, TN
h47.jpg (4730 bytes) h50.jpg (6431 bytes) h69.jpg (4786 bytes) h66.jpg (5895 bytes)
Kedron Methodist Church (73)
Hwy 48
Pinewood, TN
Liberty Christian Center (16) Little Lot Church of Christ (128)
Duck River, TN
Little Lot United Methodist Church (127)
Duck River, TN
h73.jpg (6653 bytes) h16.jpg (4841 bytes) h128.jpg (6352 bytes) h127.jpg (5767 bytes)
Little Rock Church of Christ (114)
Wrigley, TN
Lower Sulfur Church of Christ (18)
Building erected 1888
Maple Valley Baptist Church (4)
Bucksnort, TN
Mars Hill Church of Christ (55)
Mobley Ridge Road
Duck River, TN
h114.jpg (19603 bytes) h18.jpg (4610 bytes)
Established 1836
h4.jpg (5485 bytes) h55.jpg (4656 bytes)
Mission Chapel Baptist Church (67)
Jones Valley, TN
Missionary Ridge Baptist Church (89)
Missionary Ridge Road
Bon Aqua, TN
Mount Zion Full Gospel Tabernacle (29)
Located in old school bldg
Mt Pleasant United Methodist Church (70)
Primm Springs, TN
h67.jpg (4940 bytes) h89.jpg (5953 bytes) h29.jpg (6445 bytes) h70.jpg (17007 bytes)
Mt Zion Primitive Baptist Church (9A)
New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (99)
New Springs Creek Church of Christ (92)
Hwy 46 S
Bon Aqua 37025
No Name Church (27)
h9a.jpg (18871 bytes)
Organized 1911
h99.jpg (16374 bytes) h92.jpg (20119 bytes) h27.jpg (12626 bytes)
No Name Church (33) No Name Church (113) Nunnelly Church of Christ (78)
Hwy 48
Nunnelly, TN
Only Baptist Church (8)
Only, TN
wpe1A.jpg (25513 bytes) h113.jpg (20490 bytes) h78.jpg (14904 bytes)
Building erected 1959
h8.jpg (16107 bytes)
Parham’s Chapel Church of Christ (96)
Primm Springs, TN
Pine Grove Baptist Church (46)
Duck River, TN
Pinewood Church of Christ (74)
Pinewood, TN
Pinewood First Baptist Church (75)
Hwy 48S
Pinewood, TN
h96.jpg (18372 bytes) h46.jpg (12106 bytes) wpe23.jpg (19621 bytes) h75.jpg (17629 bytes)
Rockfield Church of Christ (84)
Nunnelly, TN
Shady Grove Church of Christ (57)
Duck River, TN
Shady Grove United Methodist Church (58)
Shady Grove, TN
Totty’s Bend Church of Christ (133)
Duck River, TN
h84.jpg (14477 bytes)
Established 1939
h57.jpg (14686 bytes)
Established 1820
h58.jpg (13097 bytes)
Established 1831
h133.jpg (20156 bytes)
United Pentecostal Church (105) Upper Sinking Church of Christ (26)
Pleasantville, TN
Willow Springs Primitive Baptist Church (112) Wolf Creek Church of Christ (12)
h105.jpg (17382 bytes) h26.jpg (18028 bytes) h112.jpg (18696 bytes) h12.jpg (19629 bytes)
Wrigley Church of Christ (121)
Wrigley, TN
121.jpg (22650 bytes)
Wrigley United Methodist Church (119)
Wrigley, TN
h119.jpg (22900 bytes)


Anderson Bend Cemetery (52) Bates Cemetery (37) Beech Grove Cemetery (30) Campground Cemetery (48)
wpe2D.jpg (2092 bytes) wpe2E.jpg (5220 bytes) wpe2F.jpg (2277 bytes) wpe30.jpg (2094 bytes)
Edwards Cemetery (34) Horner Cemetery (23) Mars Hill Cemetery (54) Memory Gardens Cemetery (137)
wpe35.jpg (12910 bytes)
This picture falls into the "far out" category
Click on thumbnail and see "Edward" dancing on the sign
wpe33.jpg (3523 bytes) wpe34.jpg (2900 bytes) wpe1.jpg (2836 bytes)
Milan Cemetery (40) Petty Cemetery (76) Poplar Union Cemetery (51) Spot Cemetery (5)
wpe3.jpg (2226 bytes) wpe4.jpg (2485 bytes) wpe6.jpg (2174 bytes) wpe7.jpg (1854 bytes)
Stand Cemetery (56) Willow Springs Cemetery (112) Wolf Creek Cemetery (12)  
wpe8.jpg (5761 bytes) wpe9.jpg (2628 bytes) wpe31.jpg (3910 bytes)
Established 1878


KEG Kounty Kowboy (116) wpe43.jpg (37478 bytes)


Baptist Hickman Community Hospital (177) wpe3C.jpg (6247 bytes) wpe3C.jpg (2802 bytes)
135 E Swan St
Centerville 37033-1417


McEwen Farm wpe3F.jpg (2641 bytes) Located two miles from the Natchez Trace Parkway
Bratton Lane
Shady Grove, TN
Duck River located one mile from Farm
Farm established in 1820's
Two fully furnished log cabins
Features a restored Victorian train depo
Silver Leaf Country Inn Mill Creek Rd
Lyles, TN
One of oldest log houses in Middle Tennessee
Built 1815


Pink Cadillac Drive-In Theaters (138) wpe3D.jpg (5792 bytes) 
2506 Highway 100, Centerville, TN, 37033
(931) 729-2386


Nunnelly Community Center (82)
wpe3E.jpg (7704 bytes) Used to be an old school building
Shady Grove Community Center (61)

wpe3F.jpg (6061 bytes) Established in honor of Everett Anderson
Born 1914, Died 1982
Was originally a Jr High School
In 1940's school had an indoor gym with a hardwood floor
Floor was donated to the school when the Stand(a church), was disbanded
Totty’s Bend Community Center (132)
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White House Community Center (7)
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South Central Tennessee Railroad Co 340 S Central Rd
Centerville 37033-4316


Nature Walk Held on fourth Sunday of April
Starts at the town square
Provides view of nature in different parts of county
Wrigley Day Held on a Saturday in late June
At the L A Miller Ballpark in Wrigley
Hickman County Fair Held in July
Gem and Mineral Show Held the third weekend in August
At the Centerville National Guard Building
Features display of gems, minerals, and hobby equipment
Coble Homecoming Held in September
In the Coble Community
Features arts & crafts and antiques
Plenty of good food and live music
Hickman County Homecoming Held in September
At Centerville's Public Square
Arts & Crafts
Flea Market
Musical talent show
Little Lot Homecoming Held in September
In the Little Lot community
Civitan Auto Show Held in September or October
At the Centerville High School
Fall Color Tour Held in mid October
By the Chamber of Commerce
Visits different points of interest in county
HCHS Band Marching Classic Held late September or early October
Sponsored by HCHS Marching Band and Band Boosters
East Lions Club Turkey Shoot Held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday morning of November
Centerville Christmas Parade Held on the first Sunday of December
Sponsored by the Hickman county Civitan Club
East Hickman Christmas Parade Held on the second Sunday of December
Sponsored by East Hickman Lions Club and Keg Kounty Kowboys
Tour of Homes Held on second Sunday of December
Historic homes are chosen for holiday tours
Horse Shows Held first Saturday night of each month
At the Riding Arena on Haley's Creek Road


612 square miles
731 miles of county road
Average Annual Temperature 59.1 F
Average Temperature July 90.0 F
Average High in August   77 F
Average Low in December 43 F
Average Temperature January 47.3 F
Frost Free Days 180-220 days
Annual Rainfall 50.2 inches
Annual Snowfall 10.6 inches
Prevailing Wind      South
Above sea level 814 feet



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