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White County Signs ( 1W)
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Quebek City Limits Sign (29W)
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Doyle City Limits Sign (46W)
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Bon Air City Limits Sign (115W)
X1 Sparta-White County Airport (91W)
Located 6 miles north of Sparta

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Longest Runway: 5,000 Ft
Runway Lights:  Yes
Radio Communications:  Unicom
A1 Quebek Senior Citizens Club (31W)
The Quebeck Senior Citizens' Club is no longer in existence. The building still serves the community and is the meeting place for The Quebeck/Walling Community Club, chartered in 2008. The building stands on the site where the Quebeck School was originally and is often refered to as the Quebeck Community Center.
Quebeck School was originally known as Ver-Del Normal School and was built in 1887. The school was rebuilt in 1923 after a fire. The last school year was 1959-60. It was then that the Senior Citizen's Club started using the school building. Sadly the school burned down on April 27, 1980. It was rebuilt in its current form and is used as a community center.
contributed by F Denton 2'09

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A3 Old Store (35W) wpe6B8.jpg (7632 bytes)
A4 Rock House Historic Site (107W)
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Located 3.7 miles east of Sparta on Highway 70
Site is open every Saturday afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 PM
Visits can be arranged by appointment by calling local Chamber of Commerce

Built as a stage stop along the wilderness trail in 1835-39
Erected by Barlow and Madison Fisk
Log pens were built to provide protection for horses
Was located on Old Stage Road at an early railroad connection
The NC & St L Railroad built a depot on the site
Served as an inn for early travelers
Samuel Denton was an owner and operator of the Rock House
Denton's friend Andrew Jackson after stayed at the inn on his way to Washington
State funds provided to preserve site in 1941
Restoration begun, 1947
Site listed on Tennessee Historical Register, 1959
Listed on National Historic Register, 1973

A5 Sunset Rock (113W)
The Sunset Rock bluff line towers 75 feet above the highway

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A6 Doyle Downtown/City Hall (50W)
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A P Johnson Building erected 1911

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W S Terry Building erected 1916

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A7 Eastland Grocery ( 5W)

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Blue Road       4+ Foot Paved Shoulder
Pink Road        1+ Foot Pavement with or without white line
Orange Road  Rideable, with Gravel, Dirt, or Rough Pavement Shoulder
Road     Scenic, but with Little or No Shoulder

Route #1 Railroad Grade Rd Bike Route ( 2W)
Directions are from north to south
Start at intersection of Railroad Grade Rd intersects Hwy 70
Route follows old railroad bed
Begin on narrow paved road
Steady decline for 1.2 miles
Deep trees on left, steep bank on right
Nice "V" shaped valley with creek
Opens to fields with few scattered houses
Roads turns to smooth gravel at 1.6 miles
Deep trees line both sides of road
Railroad cut with steep rocks rising both sides of road
Narrow bridge across scenic creek at 2.4 miles

wpe67D.jpg (8395 bytes)
Open to another valley expanse at 4.1 miles
Road levels with minor rises and falls
Open field from high bank on left
Pass old strip mine area
Planted pine trees taking hold on open land
Encounter flattened fields both sides of road at 5 miles
Great 4-wheeler roads abound
Houses and trailers at 6 miles
Route ends at Eastland Rd intersection
Note old stone building on right at intersection

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End a very scenic and satisfying ride at 6.6 miles

Route #2 Virgin Falls Access Bicycle Trail ( 7W) Leave Mourberry road at Virgin Falls sign
Smooth dirt road
Trees line both sides of road
Rolling hills
Open to field on left at 2 miles
Road narrows at Virgin Falls access sign at appx 3 miles
Back into deep trees at 3.2 miles
Start serious down hill about 4 miles
Road turns extreme rough and rocky at about 4.5 miles
Mountain bikes should continue to end of road

Route #3 One Thousand Oaks Lake Bicycle Trail ( 9W)
Nice easy 2 mile loop around scenic lake
wpe687.jpg (4168 bytes)
Narrow paved road
Easy rolling hills
Upscale houses on One Thousand Oakes Lake
No public access to lake

Route #4 Bicycle Route (114W)

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A short ride through an older developed area perched on edge of bluff
View is breathtaking
Route #5 Bicycle Route (60W)
Start at Caney Fork River
Proceed east on paved road with houses
Start gravel road with smooth tracks
Check out fields on left and a nice view of the hills
Good shade at 1.5 miles
Start up a small grade at 2.0 miles
A2 Bridge/Creek (59W)
wpe6DB.jpg (6484 bytes) wpe6DC.jpg (7937 bytes)
Road follows scenic creek
Note deep woods with sharply rising hills on both sides of road
Begin a steep grade at 3.5 miles
Nice view of valley & hills at 3.7 miles
Find dreaded houses and civilization at 4.1 miles
Smooth pavement at 5.8 miles
The long downhill at 3.7 miles
Make a left turn at 9.5 miles
Note great valley scene
Make a right turn at 10.0 miles
More great valley scenes
Turn right on Blackburn Mountain Roat at 11.0 miles
A really steep grade begins at 11.7 miles
The grade tops out at the 12.2 mark
The pavement ends again
Start a steep down hill at 13.3 miles
Steep descent ends at 14.0 miles
Take the right fork at 14.4 miles
The blessed paved roads begins again
More moderate hills are encountered
Take the left fork at 15.7 miles
End the loop at 14,2
The side loop each way will add 3.1 miles
X2 Hutchings College Sign (73W)
Opened 1887 to 1923

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X3 Vocational School (18S)

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X4 Sparta Country Club (109W) Facilities: 
Tennis (2 lighted courts)
Tennis (2 lighted courts)
U S Highways: State Highways:
70, 70S 1, 26, 84, 111, 136
historical.gif (461 bytes)HISTORICAL

On September 11, 1806, an act of the Tennessee General Assembly created White County out of Smith and Jackson counties.

The origin of the county name is in dispute. The county is officially and widely held to be named for John White (1751-1846), a Revolutionary War soldier, surveyor, and frontiersman who was the first known white settler of the area. White had moved his family to the Cumberland Mountains from Virginia in 1789. However, some historians instead suggest that the county was named for Revolutionary War General James White, founder of Knoxville.

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White county was created out of Smith County on September 6, 1806
The County seat was first established at Rock Island
The home of Joseph Terry was designated as the legal courthouse
A log jail was built at Rock Island
The county seat was moved to Sparta on October 18, 1809
Was sparsely as early as 1800
County named after first settler, James White
Organized as a county on October 15, 1806
Sparta became county seat in 1809
X5 WW II Tennessee Maneuvers Sign (13W)

wpe68C.jpg (27348 bytes)

War games performed March to June 1943
Was largest war games ever conducted
More than half the county's land was given to veterans of the Revolutionary War
The first highway from Knoxville to Nashville was constructed through the county in 1785
Presbyterians were first organized at Cherry Creek as early as 1800
The first chartered school in the county was the Prestly Academy in 1815
While boring for salt near Blue Spring, natural gas was found in 1818
The first newspaper, the Gazette was founded in 1820
The Sparta Review was first printed in 1822
The East Sparta School was started in a log house in 1823
The Cumberland Institute was chartered in 1825
Old Zion Academy was established about 1825
Mount Gilead Methodist was a church camp ground before the church was built in 1826
Bethlehem Church, the first Methodist Church, was established in 1828
The first sermon by a Church of Christ preacher was in 1834
Brice Little opened a coal mine in 1836
The first record of public schools in the county was in 1838
There were 32 distilleries in the county in 1840
There were 68 tanneries in the county in 1840
There were 8 general stores in the county in 1840
There were 8 saddle makers in the county in 1840
The first bank was established in Sparta in 1840
Yankeetown School was established about 1840
Onward Seminary was chartered about 1840
Bon Air Springs became the first summer resort in the south in 1840
Peeled Chestnut Academy was chartered in 1845
There were 2,500 students in public school in 1850
Eaton Institute was bounded just before the Civil War in the 1860's
The State and Farm newspaper was founded by Morrison in 1886
The Mountain Democrat newspaper was founded by Bochard in 1872
The Expositor newspaper was founded by L D Hill and brother in 1877
Doyle College was begun in 1884
The Bank of Sparta was organized in 1885
The Doyle Bank was organized in 1885
Ver Del Normal was established by John S Cooper in 1887
The Morman Church met as early as 1889
The Church of God was begun in the county in 1895
Hutchings College was established in 1897
The Peoples Bank was organized on February 2, 1900
The first auto in the county, owned by Oliver Anderson, appeared in 1908
White County High School was established in 1910
The school burned and was replaced in 1918
Another fire destroyed the school on November 25, 1932
The Sparta News was founded by Brown Brothers in 1917
The First Christian Church of Sparta was erected in 1928
The first large planting of strawberries was in 1929
John White Was born March 2, 1751
Fought in the Revolutionary War
Was involved in the battle of Brandywine, Germantown, and Stony Point
Came from Amelia County, Virginia
Recognized as the first settler of White County

County was named after him(some genealogists have asserted that the county was actually named after James White, the founder of Knoxville)
White built a house in county in 1789
The house was located on a 7 acre tract near the Hickory Valley Presbyterian Church
White died October 12, 1846
Woodson P White Was born the son of John White in 1783
Came with his father from Virginia when he was six years old
He represented White County in the State Legislature from 1823 to 1827
He died ad was buried in the Sparta Cemetery in 1829
Black Fox Was a Cherokee chief of the first rank
The first settlers called one of the principal trails in the county, Black Fox Trail
Fox's hunting camp was located on Lost Creek
The chief had his nation cede 7,000 square miles of land to the government
The government granted an annuity for life of $ 100.00 to Black Fox
Dr Sam Young Was one of the first doctors in the county
C1 Almyra United
Methodist Church (81W)
C2 Athens Church
of Christ (78W)
C3 Bear Cove Baptist
Church (108W)
C4 Bethel Church
of Christ (104W)
a31.jpg (9791 bytes) a24.jpg (7944 bytes)
Building erected 1948
a80.jpg (6787 bytes)
Organized 1911
Building erected 1975
a75.jpg (11288 bytes)
C5 Bethel Freewill
Baptist Church (77W)
C6 Bethlehem Church
of Christ (55W)
C7 Big Springs Church
of Christ (98W)
C8 Black Oak Church
of God (83W)
a13.jpg (6248 bytes) a12.jpg (8611 bytes) a52.jpg (8671 bytes) a35.jpg (10947 bytes)
C9 Blue Spring Presbyterian
Church (102W)
C10 Board Valley Freewill
Baptist Church (97W)
C11 Bon Air Church
of God (116W)
C12 Bon Air United Methodist
Church (117W)
a68.jpg (9407 bytes)
Building erected 1934
a53.jpg (7652 bytes) a90.jpg (10817 bytes)
Established Oct 1, 1955
a95.jpg (9145 bytes)
Building erected 1946
C13 Calvary Baptist
Church (110W)
C14 Center Point Church
of God (22W)
C15 Cherry Creek Baptist
Church (95W)
C16 Cherry Creek Church
of Christ (96W)
a91.jpg (7652 bytes)
Building dedicated April 25, 1965
white.47.jpg (7674 bytes) a54.jpg (7498 bytes)
Established 1800
Building erected 1942
wpe660.jpg (4894 bytes)
Building erected 1955
C17 Church of Holiness (68W) C18 Church of the
Nazarene Church (45W)
C19 Clark Chapel Church (26W) C20 Copeland's Chapel
(Church 100W)
white.16.jpg (9784 bytes) wpe6C5.jpg (4976 bytes)
Organized 1911
Rebuilt 1954
white.68.jpg (7145 bytes) a64.jpg (9816 bytes)
Building erected 1960
C21 Derossets Brethren
in Christ Church (10W)
C22 Doyle Church of
Christ (48W)
C23 Doyle Church of God (40W) C24 Doyle First Baptist
Church (47W)
white.40.jpg (7505 bytes) white.90.jpg (7778 bytes) white.81.jpg (9840 bytes) white.91.jpg (7310 bytes)
Organized 1908
Building erected 1959
C25 Doyle Methodist
Church (54W)
C26 Eastland Church
of Christ ( 4W)
C27 Eaton Church
of Christ (67W)
C28 Fraser's Chapel
Methodist Church (58W)
white.2.jpg (7666 bytes) white.33.jpg (7454 bytes) white.17.jpg (8548 bytes) white.6.jpg (7845 bytes)
C29 Freewill Christian
Baptist Church (99W)
C30 Greenwood Southern
Baptist Church (44W)
C31 Gum Springs
Baptist (24W)
C32 Hampton's Crossroads
Baptist Church (89W)
a60.jpg (10066 bytes)
Was built as Yankeetown School, 1956
Church organized 1865
white.89.jpg (12037 bytes)
Organized 1840
Building erected 1954
white.69.jpg (7828 bytes) a48.jpg (7455 bytes)
C33 Hensley Chapel Freewill
Baptist Church (69W)
C34 Hickory Valley Baptist
Church (57W)
C35 Hickory Valley Methodist
& Presbyterian Church (62W)
C36 Jericho Church
of Christ (30W)
white.18.jpg (8657 bytes)
Established 1945
white.7.jpg (8114 bytes)
Built 1945
white.11.jpg (10626 bytes)
Building erected 1946
white.70.jpg (7320 bytes)
Building erected 1957
C37 Kingdom Hall Jehovah's
Witness Church (106W)
C38 Lansden Church of
Christ (76W)
C39 Liberty Southern
Baptist Church (75W)
C40 Living Word Assembly
Church (43W)
a81.jpg (11749 bytes) white.24.jpg (6322 bytes) white.25.jpg (7979 bytes) white.86.jpg (8969 bytes)
C41 Lost Creek Church
of Christ (61W)
C42 Lost Creek United
Methodist Church (61AW)
C43 Macedonia Baptist
Church (88W)
C44 Menonite Christian
Fellowship Church (64W)
white.8.jpg (6377 bytes) white.9.jpg (8000 bytes) a49.jpg (7333 bytes)
Established 1815
Building erected 1947
white.12.jpg (8033 bytes)
C45 Mt Carmel Methodist
Church (90W)
C46 Mt Gilhead Methodist
Church (66W)
C47Mt Pisgah Methodist
Church (25W)
C48 New Hope Baptist
Church (15W)
a50.jpg (6221 bytes)
Building erected 1952
white.13.jpg (8142 bytes)
Established 1826
Building erected 1949
white.60.jpg (9290 bytes) white.42.jpg (9126 bytes)
C49 Church of Christ at Stringtown & Cemetery ( 8W) C50 No Name (no paint)
C51 O'Connor Church
of Christ (86W)
C52 Oak Grove Church
of Christ (14W)
white.41.jpg (5497 bytes) white.85.jpg (6913 bytes) a40.jpg (11152 bytes) white.43.jpg (9041 bytes)
C53 Ole Country Holiness
Church (39W)
C54 Ole Bethel Baptist
Church (42W)
C55 Old Union Cemetery
& No Name Church (56W)
C56 Old Zion Cumberland
Presbyterian Church (82W)
white.82.jpg (8245 bytes) white.83.jpg (11104 bytes)
Building erected Nov 5, 1978
white.10.jpg (9124 bytes)
Established 1811
Stone tables on grounds were used for Sunday dinners and Decoration Day
One of the families buried in cemetery are the Frasier's
a32.jpg (6522 bytes)
C57 Peeled Chestnut
Methodist Church (11W)
C58 Pistole Southern
Baptist Church (79W)
C59 Plainview Church
of Christ (103W)
C60 Plainview Free Will
Baptist Church (16W)
white.44.jpg (5356 bytes) a14.jpg (7753 bytes) a70.jpg (8666 bytes) wpe691.jpg (10218 bytes)
Organized Sept 28, 1971
C61 Pleasant Hill Baptist
Church (65W)
C62 Praise Restoration
Center Church (93W)
C63 Quebek Church
of Christ (34W)
C64 Quebek Baptist
Church (37W)
white.14.jpg (8347 bytes)
Building erected 1957
a56.jpg (12488 bytes) white.77.jpg (6400 bytes) white.84.jpg (7609 bytes)
Organized 1948
C65 Robinson Chapel
Presbyterian (Church 94W)
C66 Rose Chapel Methodist Church
& Cemetery (105W)
Lee Rose gave church the land
C67 Shady Grove United
Methodist Church (18W)
C68 Shiloh Church
of God (12W)
a57.jpg (11931 bytes)
Established 1888
a76.jpg (7860 bytes) wpe683.jpg (3930 bytes) wpe694.jpg (7780 bytes)
Organized 1882
Building erected 1957
white.46.jpg (8605 bytes)
Erected June 1957
C69 Spring Hill Baptist
Church (23W)
C70 Taft Church of
Christ (71W)
C71 Upper Room Ministries
Church (20W)
C72 Walling Church
of Christ (28W)
white.53.jpg (6486 bytes) white.19.jpg (9718 bytes) white.50.jpg (10105 bytes) white.71.jpg (9895 bytes)
C73 Wesley's Chapel
Methodist Church (74W)
C74 Yankeetown Freewill
Baptist Church (101W)
white.23.jpg (9604 bytes) a69.jpg (7603 bytes)
H1 Home (with pyramid roof)
H2 Old Home (33W) H3 Home (brick) (51W)
white.51.jpg (6131 bytes) white.74.jpg (12030 bytes) white.96.jpg (10230 bytes)
H4 Home (Brick two story)
H5 Home (white frame)
H6 Home (abandoned)
white.97.jpg (7520 bytes) white.98.jpg (8354 bytes) white.20.jpg (8220 bytes)
C55 Old Union Cemetery
& No Name Church (56W)
M2 Preston Heights
Cemetery (38W)
C66 Rose Chapel Methodist
Church & Cemetery (105W)
M4 Saylors Cemetery
white.10.jpg (9124 bytes)
Established 1811
white.80.jpg (3480 bytes)
Established 1939
wpe683.jpg (3930 bytes) a41.jpg (3498 bytes)
Bon DeCroft School
Grades K-6
Cassville School
Grades K-6
Central View School
Grades K-6
Doyle School
Grades K-6
Findlay School
Grades K-6
S1 Old School Building (19W)
white.52.jpg (9827 bytes)
S2 Old School Building (32W)
wpe6B4.jpg (7724 bytes)
S3 Volunteer Christian Academy (85W)
wpe644.jpg (7301 bytes)
Grades K-12
White County High School
229 Allen Drive
Grades 9-12
White County Middle School
216 High School Street
Grades 7-8
White-Van Buren Vocational School
256 Allen Drive
Grades K-6
Woodland Park School
Grades K-6
S4 Old School Building (92W) wpe64C.jpg (7516 bytes)
C29 Yankeetown School (99W) 
 wpe67B.jpg (19536 bytes)
Was built as Yankeetown School, 1956
Building acquired by the Freewill Christian Baptist Church

wpe678.jpg (7135 bytes)     

LINCOLN'S FORD Opened: May 10, 1834 Closed: Sept. 21, 1836
NEWARK Opened: June 30, 1846
Re-Opened: Dec. 20, 1866
Closed: Sept. 22, 1866
Re-Closed: June 30, 1904
NEWELL Opened: April 14, 1888 Closed: Nov. 30, 1888
O'CONNERS Opened: March 3, 1890
Re-Opened: Dec. 12, 1891
Closed: June 30, 1891
Re-Closed: Feb. 21, 1907
OLLIEVILLE Opened: May 28, 1886 Closed: Nov. 12, 1888
ONWARD Opened: Dec. 29, 1884
Re-Opened: Aug. 21, 1907
Closed: Dec. 14, 1905
Re-Closed: July 9, 1917
PEELED CHESTNUT Opened: Aug. 1, 1846
Re-Opened: Dec. 14, 1867
Re-Opened: June 22, 1876
Closed: Feb. 11, 1847
Re-Closed: Sept. 21, 1869
Re-Closed: July 15, 1909
PERILLA Opened: May 12, 1881 Closed: Dec. 31, 1904
POLLARD Opened: April 24, 1882 Closed: April 30, 1906

wpe6B9.jpg (5506 bytes)

Opened: Feb. 19, 1889 Closed: Operating
RAIl ROAD PLAINS Opened: March 11, 1837
Re-Opened: Jan. 19, 1843
Closed: March 15, 1842
Re-Closed: Dec. 21, 1846
RAVENS CROFT Opened: July 7, 1903 Closed: Feb. 28, 1955
RIVER HILL Opened: Feb. 29, 1848
Re-Opened: Feb. 18, 1854
Re-Opened: Aug. 5, 1867
Re-Opened: Aug. 22, 1872
Re-Opened: Oct. 24, 1876
Closed: Oct. 10, 1853
Re-Closed: Feb. 20, 1867
Re-Closed: Aug. 4, 1869
Re-Closed: Feb. 6, 1874
Re-Closed: Jan. 14, 1895
RIVERHILL Opened: Jan. 14, 1895 Closed: Sept. 15, 1905
ROCK HILL Opened: March 2, 1848 Closed: Dec. 8, 1849
ROCK ISLAND Opened: April 25, 1855 Closed: Feb. 17, 1870
SANDVILLE Opened: March 25, 1854 Closed: Jan. 3, 1856
SHADY GROVE Opened: Nov. 13, 1860 Closed: Sept. 22, 1866
SHINGLE Opened: July 15, 1881 Closed: Oct. 14, 1905
SIMPSON'S MILLS Opened: Jan. 26, 1871 Closed: March 18, 1895
SIMPSONS Opened: March 18, 1895 Closed: Oct. 15, 1909
SOLON Opened: Aug. 30, 1853
Re-Opened: Feb. 14, 1868
Closed: Sept. 22, 1866
Re-Closed: April 15, 1911
SPRING MILLS Opened: June 18, 1877 Closed: March 16, 1880
TAYLOR'S Opened: Feb. 13, 1872 Closed: Jan. 31, 1909
TEETERS Opened: May 22, 1876 Closed: March 27, 1882
O2 Walling Post Office (27W)

wpe6A3.jpg (13235 bytes)

WHITES SALINAS Opened: Oct. 12, 1852 Closed: April 29, 1856
WILLIAMS MILLS Opened: Dec. 4, 1876 Closed: Sept. 28, 1877
WONDER Opened: Sept. 9, 1905 Closed: April 30, 1906
YANKEETOWN Opened: Feb. 17, 1890 Closed: Dec. 31, 1904
X6 White County Community Hospital ( 6S)

wpe69D.jpg (10141 bytes)
401 Sewell Dr


P1 Doyle Community Center (49W) wpe6C8.jpg (12540 bytes)
Built 1987
P2 Hensley Community Center (70W)  wpe6E9.jpg (7088 bytes)
P3 Hickory Valley Park (63W)

wpe6E2.jpg (7392 bytes)


P4 Golden Mountain Park (111W)

wpe692.jpg (12164 bytes)

Located east of O'Conner Crossroads off Hwy 111
300 acre family park
Offering sports fields, arcade games, water bumper cars, etc
Full catering services available
Admission charged
Arcade games
Bumper boats
Go carts
Miniature golf
Picnic pavilions
Sports Fields
P5 Burgess Falls State Natural Area (80W)
Route 6, Box 380
Sparta, TN 38583
Falls located on the eastern edge of Tennessee's Highland Rim
The Falling Water River runs through the area
A 3/4 mile riverside trail leads to a 130 foot waterfall
Headwaters from Center Hill Lake is found below falls
The area is named for Tom Burgess
Burgess was deeded the land in 1793
It was for partial payment for services in Revolutionary War
The river provided energy for a grist mill operated by the Burgess family
A sawmill provided lumber for the early settlers
The city of Cookeville acquired the land in the early 1920's
They constructed a dam and powerhouse to produce electricity for the city
A flood washed out the dam and demolished the powerhouse in 1928
A new dam and powerhouse was constructed the following year
Electricity was produced from the complex by TVA until 1944
Hiking trails
Picnic areas
h67.jpg (8847 bytes) b60.jpg (9924 bytes) b59.jpg (7269 bytes) a16.jpg (5952 bytes)
b58.jpg (4465 bytes) white.26.jpg (5034 bytes) a17.jpg (3315 bytes) a18.jpg (3990 bytes)
a19.jpg (6020 bytes) a20.jpg (3235 bytes) a21.jpg (3572 bytes) a22.jpg (3071 bytes)
a23.jpg (3417 bytes) a25.jpg (4203 bytes) a26.jpg (8755 bytes) a27.jpg (8231 bytes)
Burgess Falls Natural Area

4000 Burgess Falls Dr
8 miles S of I-40, off Hwy 135
143 acre park
130 Foot Waterfall
Named for Tom Burgess who was deeded land in 1791
Burgess family used river for power for grist & sawmill
Cookeville built dam and powerhouse in 1920's
Electricity generated until 1944


3/4 miles along riverside to falls
Picnic Area


Boat Launching

P6 Virgin Falls Signs ( 6W)
white.34.jpg (8106 bytes) white.35.jpg (5228 bytes) white.36.jpg (3249 bytes) b53.jpg (3483 bytes)
317 acre Pocket Wilderness is a registered State Natural Area

Located off Scott Gulf Rd
Follow Highway 70E
Turn right at Eastland Road and travel 5.9 miles to Scotts Gulf Road
Take another right and travel 2 miles to a parking area

The Hike and the Falls
Falls formed by underground stream
Stream emerges from a cave, drops over 110-foot cliff and back into cave
Overlooks, other streams, caves and a primitive backpack camping area
A back-packing camping area located near Caney Fork river
Allow 6-8 hours for the complete 8 mile hike
White County Saddle Club
SIZE of WHITE COUNTY Square Miles:         377
Acres:               246,000
Miles of City Streets:        47.45
Miles of County Roads: 594.01
1870   9,375
1880 11,176
1890 12,348
1900 14,157
1910 15,701
1920 15,420
1930 15,543
1940 15,983
1950 16,204
1960 15,577
1970 16,329
1980 19,567
TEMPERATURE of WHITE COUNTY Yearly Average:                 56.3 F
January Average High:    45.9 F
January Average Low:     25.2 F
July Average High:            78.0 F
July Average Low:             64.3 F
Freeze-Free Period:       210 days
RAINFALL of WHITE COUNTY Yearly Average Rainfall:     56.42 in
Yearly Average Snowfall:   11.3   in

Prevailing Winds:                  Southerly


James Harvey Doyle Town named after
Gave land for the first school
Futures Golf Club 1120 Puryear Country Club Rd



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