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Site Location Maps for Lebanon, Tennessee 

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#1 Southeast Corner of Town Square
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#2 Southeast Corner of Town Square
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#3 Southwest Corner of Town Square
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#4 Northwest Corner of Town Square
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#5 Northwest Corner of Town Square
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#6 Northeast Corner of Town Square

#7 Northeast Corner of Town Square
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#8 East Hwy 70 between Town Square and College St
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#9 Northeast corner of East Hwy 70 and College St
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#10 East side of College St between Hwy 70 and Gay St
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#11 East side of College St between Thomas Terrace and Gay St
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#12 College St Church of Christ, West side of College St at corner of Gay St
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#13 West side of College St between Hwy 70 and Gay St
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#14 South side of Hwy 70 between College St and Town Square
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#15 East side of S Cumberland St between Town Square and Gay St
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#16 Southeast corner of S Cumberland St and Gay St
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#17 Northwest corner of S Cumberland St and Gay St  
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#18 South side of Hwy 24 between Maple St and Town Square
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#19 North side of Hwy 24 between Maple St and Town Square
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#20 East side of N Cumberland St between Market St and Town Square

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#21 Confederate Veterans Statue

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Wilson County Courthouse
Located on Park Av
Courthouse #1, completed September 1806
A cedar log building on west side of square
Courthouse #2, 1811
A one story brick building
Cost $ 500 to build
Courthouse #3, 1848
A two story brick building
Cost $ 8000 to build
Destroyed by fire
Courthouse #4, 1882
Built for $ 18,306
Courthouse #5
Existing courthouse located off the square

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Please Note:
Bicycling can be hazardous to your health!!
With care, bicycling can certainly improve your health and well being.
Some bicycle routes listed are on high traffic, major highways.
They are not recommended for casual, young, or novice riders.
Roads with good shoulders help protect riders.
Many country roads outside cities have light traffic but little or no shoulders .
Terrain of County
Moderate hills can be expected
Cumberland University

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Established 1842
Famous Law School added 1847
School of Engineering added 1852
School of Theology added in 1854
University Hall burned by Union troops 1863
Memorial Hall built 1892
Is a four year private and independent institution
Combines a traditional liberal arts curriculum with a business orientation

Has enrollment of over 1,000 students Library has 50,000 volumes
Graduating from Cumberland University
13 governors
10 U S senators
More than 80 members of U S House of Representatives
2 justices of the Supreme Court
Scores of state and federal court judges
3 U S ambassadors and ministers
A U S Secretary of State
More than 50 college presidents
Caruthers Hall Historical Sign
W Main St
Cumberland University School of Law housed at site 1877 to 1962
Was largest law school in U S for many years
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Wilson County Vocational Center
Has appx 450 students
Hunters Point Golf Course
1500 Hunters Point Pk
3 miles from downtown
18 Holes

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Lebanon Golf & Country Club
1300 Coles Ferry Pike
Golf, Swimming, Tennis, And Other Recreational Activities


1799 Wilson County is established by the Tennessee General Assembly on Oct. 26, 1799.
1801 Forty acres of land is donated by James Manees, Jr for the city
One acre is reserved for public square
Lebanon chartered as a city on November 13, 1801
The first cabin is believed to have been built by John Impson
1802 Auction of lots around town square completed on August 6
1803 First jail is built
First County Court held in James Anderson's cabin
An Irishman, William Allen, opens the first store
1806 The first bridge over Town Creek is built
A post office is established
1807 General Assembly of Tennessee passes an act recognizing town
1819 City of Lebanon is chartered
1830 Lebanon's first fire company is organized
1831 25 business are now located in Lebanon
Jail is moved to East Main St
1842 Cumberland University opened in September, 1842 with 45 students.
1850 Population of city is 1554
1862 On May 5, 1862, a fierce battle was fought on and around the Square when Federal troops surprised the cavalry troops of Col. John Hunt Morgan. Morgan, who had spent the night at the home of Mayor Anderson, and most of his men escaped to the east. On Dec. 6, 1862, Morgan again passed through the square with 800 Confederate cavalry and 600 infantry on his way to Hartsville, where he captured 2,000 Federal troops the next day, escorting them back through Lebanon toward Murfreesboro.
1871 Rail service began in 1871 with the now defunct Tennessee & Pacific Railroad, which ran to Nashville.
1882 Telephones are first installed
1890 Electricity is first provided
1902 Castle Heights Military Academy, established in 1902.
1912 Confederate General Statue is placed on Public Square
1969 The very first Cracker Barrel Old Country Store was opened in Lebanon, Tennessee, in 1969.
2006 The Music City Star rail line began service between Lebanon and Nashville in 2006.
Lebanon, Tennessee Name derived from the Biblical Cedars of Lebanon
The "Big Spring"
Located on the southwest corner of the town square
Spring provided water for town for more than 100 years
Spring closed and water supplied by wells 1908
Remaining lots auctioned on August 6, 1802
Pipeline laid to Cumberland River 1932
The Neddie Jacobs first settler to build cabin by "Big Spring"

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Wilson County Museum

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236 W Main St
The site granted by North Carolina to James Meness, Jr
The grant was for services in the Revolutionary War
Museum located in Fessenden House built after the Civil War
Donated to city by Sallie Fessenden for museum
Now serves as the Wilson County Museum
100+ years of history displayed in restored 1840's era home
An original home built by Dr Joe Sanders 1820
Sanders sold home to Major Andrew Allison 1830
Allison added two wings to main house
Allison sold home to General Paulding Anderson of big Spring Plantation 1857
Dr David Campbell Kelly purchased home 1866
Home turned into the Corona Institute, a women's college
Judge Robert L Caruthers bought home 1873
Caruthers donated home to Cumberland University
Law School housed in building
Literary department and library moved to building 1878
Home burned 1903
W J Barton built current home on site
Operated as boarding house for Cumberland University
Housed students after Lebanon High School burned 1936
C H Ligon bought home and ran an apartment house 1960
Building bought by John Crawford for about $400,000, 1991
Available by appointment
World War II Museum Located on the Cumberland University campus
Museum established in the Vise Library
Common artifacts from the war are on display
Fiddlers Grove Historic Village

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Located at the James Ward Agricultural Center, 945 Baddour Pkwy
Recreated village of 1800's
Composed of 16 buildings from around Wilson County, either original or replicated
Open for self guided tours
Group tours available by appointment
Free admission
A group of original and replicated buildings from throughout Wilson County
wilson6.jpg (9525 bytes) wilson8.jpg (7649 bytes) Fiddlers Grove Sites:
A replica of the original bank located on the square and opened in the 1850's
Marble teller counter is original from the Watertown Bank
Detached Kitchen
Cedar logs dating to early 1800's originated on Richmond Shop Road
Doctor's Office
Dr James Fisher used building from 1908 to 1951
Originally loacted in the Rome Community
Doctors personal items on display
Forbes Cabin
Original home moved from Shop Springs
Is approximately 150 years old
Represents an early Wilson County jail
Jail cell part of the old Wilson County jail
Lumber to construct jail came from the Beckwith Community
Newspaper & Print Shop
Houses display of early news printing
Post Office
Building used as Three Forks Post Office
Originally stood on Carthage Highway
Authentic furnishings came from old general store in Milton, TN

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Sam Houston Law Office
Log structure dating to pre-civil war times
Office is replica of type office Sam Houston would have used
School House
Building erected in 1941 and served as lunchroom for Statesville School

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Stringtown General Store
Moved from the Leeville Community
Store first operated mid to late 1800's
Backporch Stage located at back of store for special entertainment

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Thomas Lane
Gravel lane winding through village
General Robert Hopkins Hatton

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Born in Ohio, 1826
Attended Cumberland University and passed the bar, 1850
Elected to State Legislature, 1855
Sent to the United States Congress, 1859
Hatton became Colonel of the 7th Tennessee Infantry Regiment CSA  during Civil War
Rounded up 1000 volunteers from Wilson, Smith, Sumner, and DeKalb Counties
Was promoted to Brigadier General May 23, 1862
He was killed near Richmond, VA on May 31at age of 36 on May 31, 1862
Hatton is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Lebanon, Tennessee
History Associates of Wilson County
112 S. Hatton Ave
Lebanon, TN 37087
House with turrets
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West Main St
Ashbury-Babb Home
Hwy 70 W
Built 1810
Open to public
Bishop Spain Home
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West Main St
Listed on National Register
Judge Nathan Green Home
West Main St
House built by Judge Green
Served in the War of 1812
Was a senator in the General Assembly 1826
Sat twenty-one years in the Tennessee Supreme Court
Became a professor of law at Cumberland University, 1852
Died at home March 30,1866

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Homes Near Cumberland University
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Gay St Methodist Church
E Market St
First church built in Lebanon 1829
Lebanon First Presbyterian Church
West Main St
Built 1910
Lebanon First United Methodist Church
West Main St

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Castle Heights Military Academy Castle Heights Av
School founded by David E Mitchell and I W P Buchanan1902
Early headmasters were Buchanan, L L Rice and O N Smith
Became a military academy 1914
Acquired by the McFadden Foundation 1928
Became an ROTC unit and an honor military School
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Lebanon Post Office
Joseph Johnson became first postmaster, 1808
Lebanon/Wilson Co Library
108 S Hattan Av
30,000 Volumes
Cumberland University Library
Cumberland Campus
50,000 Volumes
Campbell Country Inn B&B
2344 Lebanon Rd
Built in 1842
A 5000 square-foot Greek Revival farmhouse
Countryside Campground
100 Safari Camp Rd
Shady Acres
1639 Murfreesboro Rd
Timberline Campground
1204 Murfreesboro Rd

Market Street Community Center
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Tex Maddox Community Center
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Baird Municipal Park

wpe443.jpg (4552 bytes)

Baseball/Softball Field
Basketball Court
Batting Cage
Picnic Area
Tennis Courts
Walk/Jog Trail

Game Room
Fitness Room
Weight Room
Coles Ferry Recreation Club
Private Club
Fitness Room
Picnic Area
Lighted Tennis Courts

Swimming-Outdoor Pool
Elkins Park

Baseball/Softball Field
Head Home Park

Baseball/Softball Field
Basketball Court
Picnic Area
Walk/Jog Trail
To follow are sister cities across the United States with the same name as Lebanon:
Lebanon  CT 06249
Lebanon  GA 30146
Lebanon   IL 62254
Lebanon  IN 46052
Lebanon  KS 66952
Lebanon  KY 40033
Lebanon  MO 65536
Lebanon  NE 69036
Lebanon  NH 03756
Lebanon  NJ 08833
Lebanon  NY 13085
Lebanon  OH 45036
Lebanon  OK 73440
Lebanon  OR 97355
Lebanon  PA 17042
Lebanon  SD 57455
Lebanon  TN 37087
Lebanon  VA 24266
Lebanon  WI 53047
Cedar Fest
July 4th Celebration
Wilson County Fair
James Ward Agricultural Ctr
Held mid August
Facilities at Fairground include ampitheater, shooting range, and Fiddlers Grove
RV hook-ups available
Moonlight Madness on Square
Victorian Christmas
Festival of Lights
Christmas Parade
SIZE of LEBANON Square Miles: 10.79
1960 10,512
1970 12,492
1980 12,004
1990 16,208
2000 20,235
Zip 37087, 37090
Area 615
Phone Prefix 443, 444, 449
Lebanon-Wilson County Chamber of Commerce 149 Public Square
Lebanon TN 37087



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