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BIKE TRAIL, FL- 1/15/03

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Bicycling is a fun and exciting experience, and a great way to exercise.  There is also an element of danger when the bicycle tries to compete for space with its bigger and faster compatriot... the C-A-R.  Unfortunately in a competition between car and bicycle... the car wins every time.   The best of bicycle paths are those through natural settings where there are no cars.  The better paths are those that provide a separation or barrier between the bicycle and car, and the "much better than nothing" paths provide a painted line at the side of the road to form a bicycle lane, some of which are marked as bicycle lanes, others are assumed to be safety lanes, and all provide a degree of comfort to the bicycle rider.

None of the noted Melbourne bicycle paths fall into the "best" category, but most are wide concrete paths like side walks with wide separation from the road way.  A few are painted lanes along the side of the road.  Overall, the city has done an excellent job in providing easy bicycle access to anywhere in the area.

4'07 Mr. J. Wells emailed us with this statement: "I can tell you from personal experience that as of this morning there are
no bicycle paths between Sarno and Ellis on Wickham Road".

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