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, NM- 3/11/99

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Earlier, Sir Knight had bought a used book on rocks that can be found in this area.  Now mind you the book is 20 years old and yet we find ourselves going to Kingston, New Mexico.  The directions in the book to the area read:  just one block out of town turn right, go to the first gate, and climb up the mountain on your right to find quartz crystals.

We hunted for crystals until the wind just about blew us off the mountain. Then we did show and tell sitting on the dirt road next to the Tracker with our britches in the red Clay. wpe814.jpg (5996 bytes) wpe817.jpg (3752 bytes) wpe812.jpg (8044 bytes)
We decided to stay in the Caballo Lake State Park for the evening.   The wind kicked up again and we watched a video named "A Few Good Men".

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It has been two weeks since we left home, and we have been in the desert too long!

We are beginning to get a slight inkling that we may both have a problem, but we have no adult supervision to control our actions.  We may require counseling by phone.  We are now searching for old mines and the tailings around them for rocks.  The tailings are left over, not acceptable, rocks and minerals that the miners don't want.

We both know that we ARE NOT "rock hounds" but… we are beginning to call each other Lady and The Tramp and are starting to see great beauty in these rocks that other people don't want.  Actually the rocks seem to be multiplying in the RV.  I had to move the toe stubbing rocks last night in case one of us got up in the dark.

We are on our way to Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico.  Oh dear... I hope we don't have to play the game.  We would both probably get in trouble.

Wow!  The most magnificent creature just ran across the road.   I thought it was only in cartoons.  His tail is very long, he is gray and he truly runs the road.  Mr. Coyote wasn't chasing behind... guess who he was?

We stop at a used book store in Truth Or Consequences around 8:30 A.M.  I tell Sir Knight that it won't be open, but he said it might be.  I stay in the Tracker because I know he is wrong.  He walks back, stands on the outside of the Tracker with... guess what kind of grin on his face?

Hurrah!   We finally found used copies of Southwest Art Magazines.  Gobs of them.  I have wanted them now for three years and we have looked for them in each little town as we pass through.  It's a strange thing why people want used rocks and used magazines.  Someone is easy to please or someone forgot to teach a four year old which things are valuable.

Sir Knight decides that we need to go back to the little mountain with the crystals.  We just know that we have missed the best of the best.  He is right. 

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He must have carried a hundred pounds of rock down the mountain.  I carry about twenty pounds.  Here he is in his T shirt and I in my short sleeves, when it started doing my favorite thing... white fairy dust started falling from the sky... it was snowing! wpe819.jpg (3730 bytes) wpe818.jpg (5438 bytes)
We climb back down the mountain.  This time we don't sit on the ground to perform a "show-and-Tell" about our treasures.  We jump inside the car for... HEAT.   Now, our good intentions are to go directly back to the RV and warm up and relax after a hard days hunt. 

However, we stop at a little café for lunch and I ask about any old mines around.  We are directed to a copper mine where we can look through the tailings. 

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We both find lots of gold specks on rocks at a creek dredging site.  It could be fools gold or it could be real gold.  We will find out from someone.  Whether it's real or not, we both definitely know that the enjoyment and time spent hunting for rocks is real.

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